YOURS SINCERELY • Romain Thibaud-Rose/Teresa Hofmann

Tanz/Installation, MADE in Frankfurt

YOURS SINCERELY is a poetic installation for two performers to dive into the call of Gravity. Gravity is this overwhelming however invisible force that calls us constantly back to the floor. The journey through the installation will bring both performers to collectively surrender to this call as well as from time to time to resist it.

Düsseldorf, 11.07.2014

Invitation N°1
This is an invitation that cannot be declined because you have already confirmed. It is hard to decline an invitation for an everyday action. It is obligatory in everyday life to accept this invitation.
Yours sincerely, Gravity

Düsseldorf, 11.07.2014

Invitation N°2 (Declinable)
I am not who you think I am: a passive force. I can treat, I can speak, I can off er, I can invite. To sum up: I have agency. Belief is the condition for you to gain from my invitation.
Yours truly, Gravity

28.09. • KASSEL • KULTURHAUS DOCK4 • 18.30 Uhr
03.11. • MARBURG • BAARI BAR im G-WERK • 19.00 Uhr

Foto: © Romain Thibaud-Rose